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Motswako is hip hop music, Motswako ke botaki, Motswako is culture and brotherhood. is there to support all of the above.

The way re bonang ka teng, Motswako is not only an indigenous rendition of global Hip Hop, but also a courageous demonstration of mental freedom ya batho ba rona , to Tswak! everything the way ba batlang, without stressing too much about foreign status quos...beizikhali.

We celebrate African youth that have pioneered and are practicing Motswako - as it is, the style is constantly growing beyond hip hop music, but serving as a preservation of our African cultural identity,especially amongst the youth, while embracing modernity, puo ya rona..lerato, innovation , botho.. and eaazy' fela just'..monate!

At Inventaz, tota re rata go bona Ma-afrika ba itirela dilo tsa bona ka gore re na le Bokgoni!- in conquering mental slavery of too much dependence in foreign creativity and innovation jalojalo.. is therefore there to support, encourage and promote growth of Motswako music/brands and culture to the World!

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