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testing 2019

By @TheInventa
On 27 Jul 2019

test more

The Burning issue: Entleke who lit the fires??

By Mas_Love
On 27 Feb 2016

Some say its the fires of Babylon!?

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MR P! back in the Hizzy! - Its 199NOW!

By @TheInventa
On 17 Jan 2016

The year is 199NOW. The clock rewinds and pauses for exactly 4 minutes and 49 seconds. This moment in time is best described as PRE -199NOW, the new single from Prof Sobukwe featuring Mo Klassik, Waxxi and Jazz. How fresh n heavenly is the sound this more

HHP SAMA wack MC wha?? F* that!

By @TheInventa
On 22 Apr 2015


I used to be a Jabbaman groupie.

Maybe I still am.

Or Maybe hes my groupie...who knows. LOL!

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A SIA to the SA Music Awards 2014

By FlowMagic
On 13 Mar 2014

Awesome news!  Mo`Molemi`s new album got nominated for Best Rap Album on the upcoming 20th SA Music Awards! They are happening in Sun City again this year on the 28 April. Mo`Molemi is up against Kwesta,L-Tido,iFani & AB Crazy! So you know what to do Motswakolistas,VOTE!VOTE!VOTE!!!  

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Cassper reaches over 100 000k!

By FlowMagic
On 01 Mar 2014

Yet again! A motswakolista makes history! Cassper Nyovest's latest single has reached over a 100 000 downloads. Yes, OVER a hundred thousand downloads! Nako ya fa ke posa dikgang tse, the actual number was 103480 times.& more

Jabbaman Lately -->NKAOFA"

By MaKaKamela M.C
On 10 Nov 2013

Some of yall be wondering whats going down these days with Jabbaman Lekwete!?

Daeman o Wette! Tlhem)

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FROM ASIA THE ALBUM : Mojomans NEW hit Single -> PELONOMI:-)

On 23 Jun 2013

..bare bo mrepa make the best and worst romantics around the hood/Motswakoville.

do yourself  a favour and listen to Mojomans Pelonomi track single o re tlhalosetse..

Its that kinda hit track single needed more

what happened @ Tlebebe Chillas 2012

By @TheInventa
On 08 Jan 2013

Tlebebe Chillas 2012 aka Bokone Bophirima Finest Music Festival was simply cool.  Ka Setswana..a letsatsi le le monate e le ruri. Fullstop

Check out the pictures for yourself at the gallery.

The weather was awesome – a Lemonka le Mooketsi ba tswa  dingakeng go leleka pula banna?

You should have seen the Braais more

Twitter Trenders: Khuli Chana & Vodacom Tweeterview on the 20th Dec 2012!

By @TheInventa
On 24 Dec 2012

20 Dec Vodacom @Vodacom

15 minutes to go until our #TwitterView with @KhuliChana01 and #VodacomColor #VodacomUnlimited. Are you guys ready?

- ---

20 Dec Vodacom read more

Blue Colla Genius : inspired by Mojoman

By @TheInventa
On 08 Sep 2012

Most of you from Bechuanaland will probabaly relate to a saying: Ba re go tsamaya ke go bona. If you are not fimiliar with it; it is a setswana idiom directly interpreted as : Travelling is Seeing. Nna Pilato ka re ke ne ka tsamaya ka kopana le Motsamai ka Bona. Wether my Nouns are intended or not, these capped words (Ba Re', Bona', Motsamai..Blue Colla) he might not have created, but it more

Dj LEMONKA One-2-1! @

By @TheInventa
On 20 Dec 2011

->PiLATO: Yo! PiLATO: How U do maGansta dintshang ka wena these days? PiLATO: ..i must say, tota ke ikutlwa ke le mokoko..sori, motlotlo tota for rocking this One-2-1 with U ma Ninja! Recognizing the fact that Uve been one the most amazing Motsokovillians behind the scenes for many years..I more

Dj Lemonka's Tlebebe CHillas 2011 review

By @TheInventa
On 01 Jan 2012

Itsoseng a.k.a Tlebebe lies about 30 km east of Mahikeng ( South Africa) - a township once notorious for being a hiding haven for underground rebels of that old Bop. government - is the home of DJ Lemonka. Ke gopola Tautona are : " Itsoseng, le Mefero ya Bophuthatswana". Well.. a decade and a half later..guess where the best Motswako party was at? This is where my niggaz rockd a party on more

Maftown Heights 2012...jaast:-)

By @TheInventa
On 08 Dec 2012

last week di ne di wa vee vee ko Baseline, Newtown.

...Maftown Heights 2012.  Special thanks to the host Khuli Chana & Dream Team.

...after hassling my way through that stampede ( the meaning of this will follow in the next paragraph) by paying cash at the door - Winnerman made it through as usual.  Nnete ke gore Floweezi ( more



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